Welcome to our Studio!

We invite you to prepare yourself for the nice vacation by removing all unwanted hair.  This month we have February Special! Call or text today to make an appointment, or to purchase a package, or a single session!

February Special at Laser Beauty Studio:

One laser hair removal for the Face and neck is $55; One session for underarms is $43; Upper legs (from knee up) is $75 this month; bottom legs are $66. Package: Three sessions for Brazilian is $180.

Treatments for February offer should be scheduled and received in February. Package offer should be purchased in February and completed till the end of year 2020.

Text for the appointment 718-702-0277

Our location:

245 Gannon ave North, Staten Island, NY 10314

Website: LaserBeautyStudio.wordpress.com

Gift Certificates for 6 sessions on a small area are available for $98 in February. We also have gift certificates this month for unlimited one year hair removal for one large and one small area (12 sessions maximum) for $750. Call or text for details


59 thoughts on “Welcome to our Studio!

  1. this place is a no frills, discreet location. Irina is very nice, puts a lot of care and attention into her work. she makes sure to address your individual skin type. the process is quick and almost painless, a slight zap but nothing compared to waxing. i did my underarms and legs, its awesome to be hair free for such a low price!


  2. I really enjoyed coming to see Irina at this studio. It is clean and well-lit. Irina is very nice and takes her time with laser. My treatment was individualized by having me answer a lot of questions about my skin type and complexion. After two treatments I already see significant reduction in the quantity and speed of hair growth in treatment areas. Thank you for such a nice service.


  3. Excellent service, low price, clean studio. Irina is very thorough and answers all your questions. She is a trained professional and provides great care to her customers…which makes me want to commute from NJ. It’s a hike but worth it! I would recommend her without a doubt. Her equipment is state of the art/brand new with cooling gel…painless. I have had laser elsewhere before but was painful. Did not finish my treatment there. Treatment at Irina’s is pain free…


  4. hello I would call but the website says closed right now. I see the deal on groupin 165$ for 6 sessions on a small section. Is underarms considered in this category? I am interested and see good reviews about Irina thank you for your time


  5. Irina has a very warm and welcoming personality. Pain free sessions are a definite plus! She is very thorough, and the sessions have been very affordable compared to other places.


  6. Hi I’m interested in purchasing a unlimited small area package however I am curious to know if bikini and lip are considered small area locations.please let me know as soon as possible thank you


  7. Hi, I am interested in Brazilian. I never had laser done and I’m leaving on vacation 2/12. When would be a good time to schedule an appointment?

    Thank you,Marina


    • Marina, Happy New Year! 🎄
      Try to schedule the appointment this or next week. Text me 718 702 0277 and let me know which day of the week you are available. I will check the calendar.


  8. Good day! I am interested in doing laser on my underarm and I do have mild lupus. Would that be ok? I already asked my doctor he said it would be fine. Your response is greatly apptrciated. Thank you!


  9. Hi
    Is your laser painful? I tried it last year and it
    Was so painful and i really dont like it and i got burned skin after that laser it was bad. I wanna do this hair laser removal but i really dont like the



  10. Hello,Kelly,
    It is Irina from laser Beauty Studio.
    The price for one session is $300. And you can do as many areas as you want that session. This is a promotional price for one session for the whole body when we run that promotion.


  11. Hey I’m really interested in coming in however I am of darker complexion I was wondering if your equipment would still be as effective


  12. Hello. I would like to purchase sessions via groupon. Ad states consult is required. Is it a free consult? If not, how much is the consult?


  13. Hello, Diane,
    I️ get give you a promotional price of $63 for a single treatment. It will include any part (all) of your face and neck. For additional questions, please, text me.
    Kind regards,


  14. Hi Irena,

    I was unable to get my refund on my unused voucher through my bank chase for a purchase in June and unfortunately I have a specialist and will no be able to use this voucher.Would please refund my purchase to my debit card.


  15. Id like to have full legs and underarm done. I’m looking on Groupon can you tell me if this is larger or extra large area?
    Before I buy I’d like to get one for me and daughter. Thank you


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