Treatment areas

Small Areas Small Areas Medium Areas Large Areas
        Hairline   Underarms  Full face

(Full Face with Neck – Extra large area)

      Forehead          Hands Beard  Half arms (top or  bottom)
      Cheeks          Lip Sideburns and cheeks  Full Back (woman)

Full back for man is extra large area

      Chin         Neck back Chin and lip  Half legs (below the  knee)
      Eyebrows          Neck front Full Abdomen
(women only)
 Half legs (above the  knee, does not include bikini line – Extra large area)
      Feet and  Toes          Sideburns Inner thighs  Buttocks
      Fingers         Knees Shoulders  Full Abdomen (men)
 Bikini (3” from bikini line down the thigh)  Brazilian  Bikini  (Extra large area)